GXflow Organizational Units Definitions

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The Organizational Units Definitions application can be accessed from the GXflow Management Console.

The organizational units definitions allows to define the organizational units structure. Please read HowTo: Work With Organizational Units to see an example on how organizational units are used.


The following sections describe the different components making up this application.


  • New: It allows to add new organizational units definitions.
  • Edit: It allows to edit organizational units definitions.
  • Remove: It allows to remove organizational units definitions.
  • Display: It allows to display organizational units definitions.

Organizational Units Grid

This grid has the following options:

  • Refresh_2022104121355_1_png It allows refreshing the grid.
  • options_202210412133_1_png It allows selecting the columns wanted to be visible.
  • It is possible to sort some columns by clicking on their title.

This grid consists of the following columns:

  • Name: organizational unit definition name.
  • Description: organizational unit definition description.

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