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The Organizational Units application can be accessed from the GXFlow Management Console.

The organizational units allows to define groups inside an organization, can be departments, or teams for example. Each one of the organizational units is an instance of an organizational unit definition associated. Then, the members are associated to the organizational units.

An Organizational Unit is an instance of an Organizational Unit Definition. Please read HowTo: Working With Organizational Units to see an example on how organizational units are used.


The following sections describe the different components making up this application.

Button Toolbar


  • New: It allows to add new organizational units.
  • Edit: It allows to edit organizational units.
  • Remove: It allows to remove organizational units.
  • Display: It allows to display organizational units.
  • Members: This button allows accessing the members dialog:
    where members can be added or deleted from the selected Organizational Unit by checking/unchecking it.

Organizational Unit Grid


  • Sort Ascending: It allows to sort the organizational units by the name of the column selected. From A to Z.
  • Sort Descending: It allows to sort the organizational units by the name of the column selected. From Z to A.
  • Columns: It allows to select the columns wanted to be visible.
    • Name: organizational unit name.
    • Description: organizational unit description.
    • Definition: organizational unit definition.
  • Group by this field: It allows to group the process instances by the column selected
  • Show in groups: It allows to group the process instances by the column selected.
  • Filters: It allows to filter the organizational units.

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