HowTo: Using GXflow Entry Point User Control

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Control Description

This user control is used to embed any of the GXflow components within the generated applications.

To Install It

Unzip the file in the UserControls folder. Execute GeneXus with /install and then open GeneXus.

Note: You can find the zip here: <GeneXusX>\Packages\GXPM\Extra, where <GeneXusX> is the genexus installation folder. The UserControls folder is in the GeneXus installation folder.

Using the control

To use the GXflow Entry Point control you must drop the control from the toolbox to a Web Panel and you will get:


In order to use the control change at least the following properties:

  • Set the EntryPoint property to the desired GXflow component.
  • Set the Connection group with a valid  user and password or set a Workflow session with a valid user or password like this:

&Session has webSession type.

Then, when executing your WebPage using the control, you should get the GXflow component within your application:


Control Properties


  • This User Control is included in the GXflow U3 Preview #1 or higher version. Check the SAC # 26110 for more information.

  • Remembe that "GXflowEntryPointUC.ProcessInstanceId  = <value>" only applies for "History" entry-point. 


If loading an XPZ fails with "error: User control 'GXflowEntryPoint' is used by some object(s) but is not installed in this GeneXus instance. Please install it and retry." install this User Control. (keyword: gxflowentrypoint )