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This tool helps the developers to deploy their Business Process Diagram object, and consequently, impact the production database. 


1) Export from the Genexus IDE your Business Process Diagrams. To do this go to Tools/Workflow/Create business process deploy file.

2) Once the diagrams had been exported you need to run the Business Process Deployer — contained in GXflow Production Environment setup.

3) Then you have to go to Start/Programs/GXflowX/Business Process Deployer and the following sequence of wizards will appear.

  • Indicate the deploy file created in step 1 (this example is based on Java environment, but the steps for a .Net or .NET Core environment are analogous).
  • Set your deploy preferences.


  • In this case, because the deploy file is for a Java environment, an Execution section will appear and you must Indicate in the additional classpath field (at least) the *.jar file of JTDS (located in <GeneXus installation>\gxjava\drivers). If your application uses other external java resources, you must include them too.

GeneXus Business Process Deployer - Step 3 (GeneXus 15)

Note: When your file is for a .NET or .NET Core environment, the Execution section won't appear and is available a "Use Windows NT integrated security" option to authenticate to the database.

  • Finally, simply click the Deploy button in order to start the deploy process.


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