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The Notification templates application allows setting up the different work templates used in the system.

The following figure shows this application interface:

Notification templates detailed


The following sections describe the different components making up the Notification templates application. 

Button Toolbar



The definition of the new template is performed by this button. By clicking on this button the following dialog is displayed:


In this dialog,  the user must specify an exclusive name for the new template and optionally a description the same.



Besides, in the Email tab, the user must customize notification: To, subject and body using process variables.

Once this template data have been entered the user must press the OK button.

Edit: By selecting a notification template from the grid and pressing this button, the user accesses a dialog that will allow him modifying the selected template.  This dialog is the same shown when creating a new notification template and allows modifying all the data of the selected template.

         Remove: To delete a Notification template the user must first select it from the notification template grid and then press this button. The user accesses a dialog that will allow confirming the deletion.

By clicking on the OK button, the user confirms the template deletion.  

Display: To visualize the information of a notification the user must first select it and then press the   "Display" button.

Notification templates Grid


  • Sort Ascending: It allows to sort the templates by the name of the column selected. From A to Z.
    • Sort Descending: It allows to sort the templates by the name of the column selected. From Z to A.
    • Columns: It allows to select the columns wanted to be visible.
      • Id: Notification template Id.
        • Name: Notification template Name.
          • Description: Notification description.
        • Filters: It allows to filter the notification templates.