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The Elements component allows the user to view all the existing elements and manage all their properties. These elements are the data fields on the dynamic forms.

The following figure shows the Elements interface:


In the following sections you will find the description of the different components that make up its interface.

Button Toolbar

The following toolbar buttons allow you to perform some actions over the Elements in the grid.

  • New: the New button allows the user to create a new element. The user will view the following dialog where he can set the element properties:
    GXFlowDynFormNewElementGeneral    GXFlowDynFormNewElementLayout
  1. Where in the general tab:
    • Id: ID of the element—read-only.
    • Version: version of the element—read-only.
    • Name: name of the element—to be used when selecting it from the form.
    • Description: description of the element; the description is used in the actual form—when the form is executed.
    • Domain: Domain of the element.
    • Type: type of the element—inherited form the domain. Possible values are:
      • Boolean
      • Character
      • Date
      • DateTime
      • Image
      • Group
      • Enum
      • Numeric
      • Color
      • Email
      • List
      • Password
      • Upload
      • URI
    • Display: the way the domain must be displayed; in other words, its control—inherited form the domain. Possible values are:
      • None
      • Auto Complete
      • Combo
      • Date no picker
      • Default
      • In place edit
      • Label
      • Multi Select
      • Radio
      • Slider
      • Textarea
      • Grid
      • DSCombo
    • Default value: sets the default value to be used for the element—inherited from the domain.
  2. Where in the layout tab:
    • Level class type: name of the Theme Class to be used for the label.
    • Floating: sets the alignment of the domain.
    • Component width: sets the width of the component.
    • Label Width: sets the width of the label—description.
    • Visible: sets whether the element is visible.
  • Edit: allows editing any property of an existing element.
  • Display: displays all the properties of the element.
  • Remove: removes/deletes the element.

Components Grid

The components grid, located in the center, shows all the existing elements.
This grid consists of the following columns:

  • Name: name of the element.
  • Description: displays the description of the element.
  • Type: type of the element, taken from its Domain.
  • Domain: Domain of the element.

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