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The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been designed for a better understanding of the GeneXus BPM (Business Process Management) suite. They provide basic information regarding technical issues and licensing.

If you have other issues to inquire about, you can contact us through an email sent to info@genexus.com

Process Modeling

Can I import a diagram defined with a different tool? Yes, as long as you abide by the XPDL format. More information.
Can I export my diagram to other formats? Yes, to XPDL. More Information.
What XPDL version is supported? Go here.
What process modeling standard is supported? The BPMN standard in version 2.0.
Can I use GXserver with the GeneXus Business Process Modeler? Yes.
Is diagram versioning supported? Yes.
Can I modify Transactions, Web Panels, etc. with the GeneXus Business Process Modeler? No, it only inserts data relative to the processes (metadata) in the database.
Does the GeneXus Business Process Modeler generate source code? No, sólo inserta los datos de los procesos (metadata) en la base de datos.


Executing Processes

Can I include in my process objects developed with a tool other than GeneXus?  Yes. That is possible to the extent that calls to external programs are made within the GX objects, for only GX objects may be associated with the diagram.
Can I customize the Client in GXflow?  Yes. More information.
Can GXflow be integrated with the GAM?  Yes. More information.
When I develop more than one application that uses GXflow, can a user with tasks in both applications have a single Inbox? Not at present. We are working on it. GXflow tables are created in the application’s database.
Can I generate tasks from another system?  Yes, using the GXflow API. More information.
Is it possible to receive an email message when I get a new task?  Yes. The Send Email property of the task must be set up. More information.
What happens to processes in runtime when I modify my diagrams? They continue to run with the previous version. The new ones created start taking the new definition of the process.
Is it possible to make queries on the processes to obtain statistical information? Yes. It is possible to view statistical graphs in the (More Information). It is also possible to use GXplorer to work with Datawarehouse (More information).

GXflow for Smart Devices

Can I see my GXflow Inbox from a Smart Device?  Yes. As of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 1, it is an xpz distributed with GX that is consolidated in the KB, and it is possible to modify any object from that SD client. More information.
In which platforms is available? Android (from XEv2 U1), iOS (from XEv2 U1).


Can I attach documents to my processes? Yes. More information
How can I startup a process based application? The deploy of programs is the same as the deploy of a GeneXus application. We then have to create the GXflow tables in the database (same than for the app) and impact the information of diagrams. To do this we use the tool called Business Process DeployerMore Information
Can I impact the processes without GeneXus? Yes, with the Business Process Deployer and the GeneXus Business Process Modeler.
What is GeneXus Business Process Modeler? It is a free, standalone tool that allows modeling business processes and then include them in the GeneXus application. More Information.
What is Business Process Deployer? It is a standalone tool that enables the creation/modification of GXflow tables in the production environment, as well as impacting the information of business processes. It is installed with the GXflow setup.


Architecture - Requirements

What platforms does GXflow support? Java, .NET, iOS, Android
What DBMS does GXflow support?  The same as GeneXus (SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 iSeries, DB2 UDB, Informix, SAP Hana DB)

More information at GXflow Software Requirements


When I have more than one application (different KBs) that share users, can I use the same license? Yes.
Does the GeneXus Business Process Modeler require licensing?  It does not require licenses, it’s totally free.
What about licensing for the GXflow client?  Licenses may be nominative (license per inbox user) or concurrent (infinite inbox users).
Do I need a Smart Devices license for using the GXflow SD Client? Yes.