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The Roles application can be accessed from the Management Console.


Workflow Roles can be managed in runtime using this application. It allows to assign/remove roles to/from users in runtime. 
The main pupose of this application is to allow the association of Roles to Users, this cannot be done in design time because the users are not a part of the model. 


The following figure shows this application interface:


Button Toolbar


  • Remove: Removes the selected role, default roles cannot be deleted.
  • Members: When a role is selected from the list of roles, this button shows the list of users, checking the users that have the role selected.
  • New: Creates a new Role.

Roles Grid


  • Sort Ascending: It allows sorting the roles by the name of the column selected. From A to Z.
  • Sort Descending: It allows sorting the roles by the name of the column selected. From Z to A.
  • Columns: It allows selecting the columns wanted to be visible.
    • Id: Role Id
    • Name: Role Name
    • Parente: Parent Role
  • Filters: It allows filtering the roles.

Special Roles

There is a group of special roles present in any system that uses GXflow. These roles are used to define the profile of each user and establishes the level of access that the GXflow client user will have. These roles are the following:

  • GXflow Administrator: It corresponds to the system administrators. It allows accessing all GXflow client applications.  
  • GXflow Backend Administrator: This role allows a user to have access to the Backend menu—when used in combination with the role GXflow Administrator.  
  • GXflow Form Designer: This role allows a user to have access to the Dynamic Forms menu —when used in combination with the role GXflow Administrator.  
  • GXflow Manager: It corresponds to the process administrator profile. Users that have this role will be able to access the Desktop, the Process Manager, the Document Manager and the Event Viewer.
  • GXflow Manager Read Only: This role is similar to the Manger role, since it allows the user to access the same client applications. The difference is that a user with  Manager Read Only role will not be able to execute actions in the Process Manager, such as abort a process or assign a task; he will only be able to query information. 
  • GXflow Prototyper: This role is assigned automatically to the WFADMINISTRATOR user by GXflow. This happens when you execute the GXflow Client in Prototyper Mode. See more: Execution mode property.
  • GXflow Security Administrator: This role allows accessing only the Management Console.

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